Supermarket, Retail and Parking Lot Injuries

In and around Denver, supermarkets, retail chains, malls and offices are everywhere. Many of these locations have large parking lots or other paved open spaces. When these surfaces and premises are inadequately maintained, they can be extremely dangerous. Obviously, any time there are pedestrians and cars nearby, there is potential for injury. That said, there can be danger inside the premises as well, if they are not properly maintained.

In restaurants and supermarkets, for instance, viscous substances can spill on a surface and make an otherwise normal floor, ice-like. When this happens, the area needs to be marked off and clearly delineated with signs and/or cones. Additionally, stores need to be regularly monitored and patrolled to ensure safety. When they are not, people can seriously injure teeth/jaws, arms, hips and knees.

If you or someone close to you has been injured in a commercial property like a supermarket, retail store or parking lot, it is important to understand your rights. In many of these cases, there may be multiple defendants adding another layer onto a personal injury case. As such, it is extremely important to reach out to a skilled lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights and potential compensation.

For more than three decades, Alan G. Molk has worked on some of the most complex personal injury cases in Colorado. He is prepared to work directly with you to understand your circumstances and take action to maximize your compensation in negotiation or litigation.

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