Icy and Dangerous Sidewalk Injuries

It is important to realize that property owners have an increased responsibility in the colder months of the year. Pooling water, snow piles, unmaintained stairs, sidewalks, railings and walkways can become deadly. When commercial and residential property owners do not properly clean their premises and ice collects creating dangerous walkways and sidewalks, and people are injured, it is important that accountability is bolstered and victims are provided all needed funds to ideally heal and recover.

The Law Firm of Alan G. Molk is prepared to put the experience honed in decades of work obtaining millions of dollars for clients to obtain the compensation you deserve if you have been injured because of icy or dangerous sidewalks. This includes:

  • On publicly and privately owned sidewalks
  • On snowy and icy steps inside and outside commercial and residential buildings
  • In parking lots of small and large businesses, malls and stores

Although these types of cases can be complex due to the fact that there can be multiple defendants, the firm’s rigorous and comprehensive approach to discovery and investigation ensure all options are on the table; in the event that an insurance company will not settle for what the firm’s clients deserve, the firm is prepared to go to court in pursuit of justice.

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