Car Accidents

Car accidents are by far the most common types of serious injuries in all of personal injury. Tragically, they can be among the most serious, as well.

If you or someone close to you has been seriously injured in a car accident, get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. Insurance adjusters can and will do everything possible to limit or even deny payouts by taking advantage of those injured. Protect yourself and your rights.

Alan G. Molk is one of the most experienced personal injury lawyers in Colorado. Because he has worked in the district attorney’s office, as a prosecutor, as an insurance defense lawyer and a personal injury plaintiff’s lawyer for more than 20 years, there is no case for which he is not prepared. He and the team will partner with you to understand all details surrounding the circumstances of your accident. If the insurance company is unwilling to settle for all damages you need to recover and heal in the best possible way, the team is ready to bring the approach that has obtained millions of dollars to court for you.

Get in touch as soon as possible and schedule a free initial consultation.

Schedule A Consultation With A Denver Car Accident Attorney

Denver accident injury lawyer Alan G. Molk believes that his firm’s small size allows him to provide the best representation to his clients. Email him or call 303-290-8808 to schedule a free consultation to discuss the circumstances of your injury. He offers evening and weekend appointments for your convenience.

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